LIFE Magazine November 1992

LIFE Magazine November 1992 Facing The Wall / Hange Time with Michael Jordan


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Pg… 3 THE TRAGEDY OF SOMALIA Pg… 15 OUR TIMES Pg… 22 LETTERS Pg… 24 FACING THE WALL On its 10th anniversary, the Vietnam Memorial remains a potent reminder of a nation’s grief BY LISA GRUNWALD Pg… 38 THE MICHAEL JORDAN NOBODY KNOWS In a new book, BOB GREENE tells why everybody wants to be like Mike Pg… 56 SEA WORTHY It’s not always smooth sailing for Danish teens on a harrowing voyage to America Pg… 64 THE CAVERN OF LITTLE MONSTERS From a dark underground world, sealed off’ for millions of years–27 mutant insect species that time forgot PHOTOGRAPHS BY PATRICK LAND1VIANN AND CHRISTIAN LASCU Pg… 72 MISTER ROGERS For 25 years the message of his TV ministry has been that every child is special. So is he BY JEANNE MARIE LASKAS Pg… 85 SNAPSHOT A Tale of New City Pg… 86 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Christopher Morris Inset: Edie Baskin

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