LIFE Magazine November 22, 1963

LIFE Magazine November 22, 1963 Elizabeth Ashley on Broadway


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Congress Should Police Itself

Pg… 4 Editorials: Press the War in Vietnam

Pg… 11 LIFE Guide: Brain–Stretching Gifts for the Children; Movies of Slapstick and Suspense

Pg… 17 The Deadly Face–Off: Two Roads Take a Badman and a Lawman to a Duel in the Arizona Desert. By Thomas Thompson

Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 Broadway's Best Season: A New Young Star Named Elizabeth Ashley Helps Get the Theater Off to a Socko Start. Text by Tom Prideaux. Photographs by John Dominis

Pg… 40 The Bobby Baker Scandal: It Grows and Grows as Washington Shudders. By Keith Wheeler (and a LIFE Task Force)

Pg… 45 U.S. Businessmen in Moscow: Khrushchev Gives Them Red–Carpet Treatment?and Sounds Off

Pg… 46 Items in the News: Northern Illinois' George Bork Surpasses All College Football Passers. Bartender Hits Racing's Biggest Daily Double. Japanese Take Flowers Into Disasters Mine. The Black Watch Pipes for the Little Kennedys

Pg… 48 Russia Arrests Yale Professor: Visiting Expert on Soviet Affairs is Accused of Spying

Pg… 50 President's New Science Adviser: Donald Hornig, Princeton Chemistry Professor, Lays aside His Test Tubes

Pg… 55 Masks of Fashion: Glittering False Faces Come Into Styles

Pg… 61 Huston Plays a Cardinal: The Famous Director Turns Actor to Portray a Prince of the Church

Pg… 71 1913: A New LIFE Series: In the Last Years of Splendor, Europe Danced to the End of an Epoch. Text by Edward Kern

Pg… 100 Negro in the Big Cities: Negroes and Whites Head for a Collision in the North. Part I of a Two–Part Article by Theodore H. White

Pg… 121 Real World Toys: With Simple Physics Gear, Children Learn About Nature

Pg… 126 Kelso, the Ugly Iron Duckling: LIFE Visits the Unlovely Horse of the Year who Bites People and Spooks Other Horses.

Pg… 134 Miscellany: Just Kick the Ball, Please

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