LIFE Magazine November 8, 1963

LIFE Magazine November 8, 1963 Bobby Baker Washington Scandal


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Civil Rights Yes?What About Jobs?

Pg… 4 Editorials: A Moon Race with Ourselves?

Pg… 17 Me and My Exercises: A Weak Reed Joins the Millions of Royal Canadian Air Force Followers. By Jane Howard

Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: Old Hidden Houses Defy Progress and Wreckers

Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 32 Scandal in Washington: Disclosures of High–Living Bobby Baker's Wheeling and Dealing Rock the Capital

Pg… 38 War in the Sahara: Morocco and Algeria Fight Over a Wasteland

Pg… 40 New Prime Minister's Campaign: Sir Alec Douglas–Home Renounces His Title of Lord Home and Seeks a Seat in Britain's House of Commons

Pg… 40B Items in the News: A Fasting Priest Forces New York's Mayor to Act. A Grand Jury Investigates Wild Party that Wrecked a Southampton Mansion

Pg… 45 Giants Bounce Back: Near–Perfect Football Evens the Score with Cleveland and Holds the Great Jimmy Brown in Check

Pg… 46 Lovely Le Thuy in Texas: Mme. Nhu's Daughter Visits a Show Ranch

Pg… 48 Two Little Princes: Britain's Margaret and Belgium's Paola Show Off Their Tiny Sons

Pg… 53 School Prayer Continues: Massachusetts Town Ignores the Supreme Court

Pg… 61 Bowling Styles from Paris: Couturiers Design Clothes for U.S. Lanes

Pg… 68 The Body's Balancing Acts: Part V of LIFE'S Series on the Human Body Show the Fabulous Chemical Feats that Regulate Our Inner World and Keep Us Alive. Paintings for LIFE by Arthur Lidov. Text by Robert Campbell

Pg… 93 Retirement Towns: New Communities for the Elderly combine the Come–On of a Country Club and a Medical Plan?and Their Residents Lead a Lively Life. Photographed by Bill Ray

Pg… 104 Archer vs. The Grizzly: A Bow–and–Arrow Huntsman Stalks a Mighty Bear. By Don Moser

Pg… 119 Biggest Radio Telescope: A Huge Ear in Puerto Rico Probes Space

Pg… 123 Kooky Jill St. John: LIFE Visits an Actress with a 160 I.Q.

Pg… 127 The Kicking Gogolaks: Two Brothers from Hungary Use Soccer Technique to Become the Ivy League Football Stars

Pg… 130 Miscellany: Ready, Aim, Tee–Hee

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