LIFE Magazine October 1, 1971

LIFE Magazine October 1, 1971 The Brain Scientific Frontier


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Pg… 26 A Storm Over Attica: As Investigations Into the Bloody Quelling of the Prison Rebellion Open, Inmates Begin to Tell Their Stories and the Controversy Continues

Pg… 30 Waiting for a Riot: At New York City's Tomb Prison, a Guard Fights Problems No One Can Solve. By James Mills

Pg… 36 Editorials: Time for a Madame Justice

Pg… 36 Editorials: Getting Along with the New Europe

Pg… 42 A New LIFE Series: The Brain: Part One: Man Strains the Powers of His Mind to Explore that Amazing Master of His Body. Photographed by Lennart Nilsson. Drawings by Frank Armitage. Text by Adrian Hope

Pg… 60 A Wide–Open Classroom to Teach Teachers: North Dakota Experiments with a Breezy New Kind of Education

Pg… 66 Socrates of the Ironing Board: Columnist Erma Bombeck, the Housewife's Best Friend. By Betty Dunn

Pg… 72 Brutal Is the Word: Body Surfers Risk Their Necks on a Wild California Beach

Pg… 77 Parting Shots: William Kunstler for the Defense?of Himself

Pg… 77 Parting Shots: Space History in a Hairbow

Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: Doris Ulmann Photographs Appalachia

Pg… 10–14 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Reviews Frederick Wiseman's New Documentary, "Basic Training"

Pg… 10–14 Departments: Reviews: "The Go–Between," Joseph Losey and Harold Pinter's Latest Collaboration, is Reviewed by Film Critic Richard Schickel

Pg… 10–14 Departments: Reviews: "The Court–Martial of Lt. Calley," by Richard Hammer, and "Lieutenant Calley, His Own Story" as Told to John Sack, are Discussed by Tom Mayer

Pg… 21 Departments: Eye on the Environment: Taming the Strip–Mine Monster in Pennsylvania. By Edmund Faltermayer

Pg… 4 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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