LIFE Magazine October 10, 1949

LIFE Magazine October 10, 1949 J.R. Oppenheimer Atomic Nuclear Pioneer


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Pg… 33 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Pennant Wind–Up Leaves Fans Gasping

Pg… 38 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Editorial: Atomic Control

Pg… 39 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Crew Hits the Silk, But Pilot Goes Down with Ship

Pg… 40 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Hungarian Trail Lays Basis for Soviet Break with Tito

Pg… 42 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Steel Shuts Down; Million are on Strike

Pg… 44 THE WEEKS EVENTS: The U.S. Asks: Can Russia Deliver the Bomb?

Pg… 46 THE WEEKS EVENTS: LIFE Offers Congratulations

Pg… 51 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Crosley Holds Biggest Giveaway Contest Ever

Pg… 59 THE WEEKS EVENTS: Henry Blackmer's Return Recalls Teapot Dome Scandal

Pg… 120 CLOSE–UP: J. Robert Oppenheimer, by Lincoln Barnett

Pg… 107 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: 4–H Fair Photographs for LIFE by Lisa Larsen

Pg… 63 INDUSTRY: California Grapes

Pg… 67 ARCHITECTURE: A Modern Theater

Pg… 70 SCIENCE: Walking Through Fire

Pg… 77 MODERN LIVING: White–Collar Cowboy

Pg… 82 ART: Vincent Van Gogh

Pg… 95 MOVIES: Eight Girls Try Out Mixed Emotions

Pg… 117 MOVIES: Love That Brute!

Pg… 103 HOUSING: Home Built Like a Sidewalk

Pg… 4 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: A High–Fashion Man Portrays Highbrows

Pg… 23 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE'S Reports: Life with Benchley, by Robert Benchley

Pg… 140 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Goes to the $2 Window

Pg… 146 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Prop Man at Large

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