LIFE Magazine October 12, 1962

LIFE Magazine October 12, 1962 Pope John XXIII


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Pg… 32 STORY OF THE WEEK: On the Mississippi Campus, the Bitter Siege of Violence. Battlefield: Where the Law Won. "Now, the Lonely Decision for Right or for Wrong." By Lillian Smith

Pg… 6 EDITORIALS: Let Old Glory Wave Alone Over Ole Miss

Pg… 6 EDITORIALS: Let this Latin Voice Prevail

Pg… 49 NEWSFRONTS: Alphonse–Gaston Baseball While the Nation Thrombosed?After a Flight that Went Like Clockwork, an Oceanic Bull's–Eye?Farewell to Broadway's Fairest Lady?A Hello at a Double Debut in Moscow

Pg… 76 COLOR SPECTACLE: Treasures of the Past Preserved by the Popes

Pg… 74 ARTICLES OF THE WEEK: Pope John XXIII: a Humble Man of God Calls a Historic Council in Rome. By Robert T. Elson

Pg… 113 ARTICLES OF THE WEEK: Filming The Longest Day Produced the Longest Headache. By Richard Oulahan Jr.

Pg… 129 BETTER LIVING: Heap of Old House Makes a Wonderful Home

Pg… 57 DEPARTMENTS: Animals: Mr. Soo Hoo at the Zoo

Pg… 67 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Pull Out the Acting Stops

Pg… 105 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: Gentle Storm Center?Rachel Carson

Pg… 123 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Bargains from Britain

Pg… 23 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Snake in the Crab Grass. By David Snell

Pg… 16 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Literary Locales, Movies, Festivals, Nature

Pg… 29 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 138 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Don't Just Sit There

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