LIFE Magazine October 16, 1950

LIFE Magazine October 16, 1950 Winnetka High School Girl / U.S. Schools Special Issue


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Pg… 11 What the U.S. Thinks About Schools: A Roper Survey

Pg… 20 Speaking of Pictures: What Academic Hoods Mean

Pg… 23 Drawings Help Determine if You are Educated

Pg… 44 Some Issues are Debated

Pg… 46 Editorial: Our Schools have Kept Us Free, by Henry Steele Commager

Pg… 48 Little Onward Won't Be Moved

Pg… 50 The Teacher Carries on with Her Job

Pg… 54 How Good is Your School? LIFE's Test Will Tell You

Pg… 56 School Fire Brings Joy to Mount Joy

Pg… 61 Arkansas Town Finally Votes Negroes New School

Pg… 64 Heman Sweatt's Victory

Pg… 69 Football is Pricing Itself Out of Business, by Marshall Smith and Richard Oulahan Jr.

Pg… 75 A County Opens a Community College

Pg… 80 U.S. is Building Some Fine New Schools

Pg… 89 Know How vs. Know Why, by Bernard Iddings Bell

Pg… 101 A Good High School in Illinois

Pg… 109 U.S. College Students Select 1950's Great Teacher

Pg… 117 Oregon's Live–In Public School

Pg… 124 Top Elementary School in Richmond

Pg… 131 Oldest Schoolhouse Still Stands

Pg… 133 North Carolina University Serves the State

Pg… 139 Girls in College

Pg… 144 Kids' Heroes

Pg… 146 Who Teaches the Teachers?, by John William Sperry

Pg… 159 Gulf Park Teaches Its Girls to be Feminine

Pg… 165 The Parents Go to Work, by Albert L. Furth

Pg… 172 Notable Alumni of Art Students League Display Their Paintings

Pg… 175 Army Teaches by Visual Training

Pg… 179 The Educated Man, by Jacques Barzun

Pg… 188 LIFE Goes Back to a Party at Williams

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