LIFE Magazine October 19, 1962

LIFE Magazine October 19, 1962 Biography of California Special Issue


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Pg… 12 California Spectacle: Pleasures and Palaces of Golden Land

Pg… 12 California Spectacle: Photographed for 'LIFE' by Ralph Crane

Pg… 44 Fight for a Golden Prize: Nation Stirred by Nixon vs. Brown by Mark Harris

Pg… 54 California Here We Come: And this is Why, by Ernest Havemann

Pg… 61 Sporting Comeback on the Coast: Brawny Heroes and Oldtime Razzmatazz

Pg… 69 What to Look for If Your Go There: Useful Facts About the State

Pg… 74 MinorityView. By Carl Reiner

Pg… 83 Wide–Open and Way–Out Painting

Pg… 91 Buiders of the Dream

Pg… 96B The Thrust for Knowledge: Excitement of Mass Education

Pg… 109 Surging Medley of Fine Music: The Flowering of Opera, Jazz, Folk Songs

Pg… 119 Califronia Lassie, Always Classy

Pg… 124 Legaices of an Adventurous

Pg… 127 The Tomorrow Country: A Vivid History of the State. By Irving Stone

Pg… 137 Stars, Styles and Sunshine: Creations Casual for Gals Grand

Pg… 144 The Enchantment

Pg… 34 Life Guide to California Wines

Pg… 41 Letters To The Editors

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