LIFE Magazine October 1978

LIFE Magazine October 1978 Hot Air Balloon


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Cover… Photograph of balloons in Iowa by David Deahl Pg… 10 Windows Foreign Entanglements Pg… 16 Windows An ‘Amateur of Beauty’ Pg… 18 Family Reunions Big US. clans celebrate their pasts Around the country, a loving boom in family get–togethers Pg… 24 The Shah and family summer on the Caspian before blowup in Iran Pg… 24 Inside a Royal Retreat Where the Shah relaxes Pg… 34 Oh, What a Lovely Way to Fly! Balloonists commandeer the skies Pg… 34 After Double Eagle 11, the world is dizzy over balloons Pg… 42 Hands of Hope for a New Life 300 volunteers work in shifts for the recovery of a child Pg… 56 Golden Road to the Latest Oz The Wiz is a $28 million movie The Wiz, dazzling special effects transform New York City into Oz Pg… 65 ‘Fools Die’ A tale of high–stakes gamblers in Las Vegas by Mario Puzo Pg… 65 Gamblers play for keeps in a chapter from Mario Puzo’s new novel Pg… 85 Halston is the $100 million emperor of fashion Pg… 85 The Emperor and His Clothes Halston has a style for everything Pg… 96 Antarctica’s icy treasures include green glaciers and the bones of an old dog Pg… 96 Cold Splendor of Antarctica A color portfolio by Eliot Porter Pg… 111 Top Dogs Leap Up in Frisbee Fetch A mutt named Dink grabs first prize Pg… 117 How Writing Began Clues in clay 10.000 years old Pg… 121 Good Scouts Henry Fonda and company suit up Pg… 123 Life Around the World A Pastor for the Faithful Pg… 130 Life Around the World Nicaraguan Rebels at the Barricades Pg… 132 Life Around the World Catch! Pg… 134 Life Around the World Goring in the Afternoon Pg… 136 Just One More Brooke Shields and look–alike

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