LIFE Magazine October 1980

LIFE Magazine October 1980 Faces of an Unexpected China


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 Camera at work: Happy Birthday L.A.

Pg… 14 Letters.

Pg… 17 Portrait: Roger Tory Peterson, the birdwatchers bird watcher, by Joseph Kastner

Pg… 22 The Race against Shock: a Baltimore trauma center saves patients, victims of accidents, in the act of dying.

Pg… 32 Reagan vs Carter: a showdown between scrappy country boys, by Theodore H. White.

Pg… 52 Watts: 15 years after the riots, a look at the leaders of the class of '65

Pg… 60 Down Home with the Big Voice: even on vacation in Modena, Italy, Luciano Pavarotti's life is fortissimo

Pg… 68 Who Is the Kissing Sailor? The continuing saga of Eisenstaedt's V–J. Day photograph

Pg… 74 The Lonely Look of American Realism: in the new painting, the human figure has reappeared.

Pg… 85 Nightmare in Bolivia: an American journalist is held prisoner six days by the junta, by Mary Helen Spooner.

Pg… 91 Popeye: the one–eyed sailor turns movie star

Pg… 96 Seeing Past the Sky: the latest telescopes come with multiple eyes and ears.

Pg… 104 China: Portrait of Change, unexpected images of the people emerging from the past.

Pg… 117 The Big Burro Boost: save the Grand Canyon donkeys campaign gets off the ground.

Pg… 122 Life around the World: Polish Workers Stood United

Pg… 124 Life around the World: Brief Captivity for a Great White Shark.

Pg… 126 Life around the World: Droughts Harvest of Death in Uganda.

Pg… 128 Life around the World: Let's Run That Once Again, Terry.

Pg… 130 Mr. Anchorman, This Is Your Life.

Pg… 132 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Eve Arnold

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