LIFE Magazine October 9, 1964

LIFE Magazine October 9, 1964 Olympic Swimmer Donna de Varona


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Our Choice for President and Vice President: Johnson and Humphrey

Pg… 13 LIFE Reviews: Books: Anthony Powell's The Valley of Bones, Reviewed by Arthur Schlesigner Jr.

Pg… 13 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Ingrid Bergman in The Visit, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 13 LIFE Reviews: Comment: Let's Pep Up Those Old Classics, by David E. Scherman

Pg… 29 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 31 Ollie McClung's Big Decision: An Alabama Restaurant Owner Successfully Challenges the Civil Rights Law. Special Report by Michael Durham

Pg… 32 Keating Fights the Kennedy Magic: In a Ripsnorting Campaign for New York's Senate Seat, the Republican Incumbent Faces an Unprecedented Dilemma

Pg… 38 Meanwhile, the Presidential Race: Jet–Hopping All Over, L.B.J. Touches Down to Embrace Mexico's President?and Goldwater Carves an Ox

Pg… 40 Britain's Rousing Election Hush: Labor's Harold Wilson Opposes Prime Minister Douglas–Home in a Sedate Race. By Lee Hall

Pg… 45 Harpo Marx Lovingly Remembered: The Silent Genius Who Made Laughter Ring Out

Pg… 48 Royal Wedding in Athens: Princess Anne–Marie is Denmark's Lovely Gift to Greece. By Hugh Moffett

Pg… 55 All–Star Den of Thieves: The Greatest Movie Caper Since Rififi

Pg… 61 Minstrel with a Mission: Close–Up of Folk–Singer Peter Seeger

Pg… 72 Fashions from Spain: The Dazzling Flair of Spanish Designers

Pg… 91 Tea and Memories with Sean O'Casey: As the World Mourns Ireland's Great Playwright, LIFE'S Gjon Mili Tells of a Last Visit

Pg… 95 Assessing L.B.J. as President: Political Historian James MacGregor Burns Evaluates Johnson's Performance

Pg… 102 Best–Ever U.S. Girl Swimmers: Zippy Teen–Agers All Set to Mine the Olympic Gold

Pg… 110 Strange Case of Dr. Ivy: A Famous Scientist's Obsession with the Discredited Cancer 'Cure' Krebiozen

Pg… 128 A Million Dollars in Tapestries

Pg… 136 Miscellany: Pompons Behind Her in Front

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