LIFE Magazine September 11, 1964

LIFE Magazine September 11, 1964 Japan Special Issue


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Pg… 10 The Modern Paradoxes: A Restless Excitement Sets the Country's Mood. Photographed by Brian Brake

Pg… 27 Inevitable Partners: U.S. Ambassador to Japan Speaks of the Two Countries He Loves: "We Share the Same Ideals." By Edwin O. Reischauer

Pg… 34 Frantic Lunge Into Sport: A Nation Crazy About Games Will Play Host to the Olympics. Photographed by Larry Burrows

Pg… 45 The Emperor: Hirohito and His Wife Go On a Search for Shellfish

Pg… 50 A Past Marvelously Preserved: From the Fabled Beginnings, the Nation's History is Told in Art. Photographed by Bradley Smith

Pg… 63 Her Course Is Set: A Noted Western Writer Visits Japan and Finds that Out of Her Contradictions and Booming Economy, a Historic Synthesis of East and West is Emerging. By Arthur Koestler

Pg… 81 Judging the U.S. Giant: A Japanese Writer Famous at Home and Abroad Gives His Views on America?and Finds Its Frustrations Much Like Japan's. By Yukio Mishima

Pg… 86A The Young in Revolt: In Growing Numbers, the Country's Youth Runs Away from Tradition, Family and Authority and Winds Up with the "Sleeping Pill Kids" in Tokyo. Photographed by Michael Rougier

Pg… 94 The Talisman?A Short Story: A Young Author Describes in Fiction Another Revolt Against Explosive Modernization. By Masao Yamakawa

Pg… 98 The Girls: They are National Treasures, Demure and Chic. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 107 Meet Mr. Matsushita: The Top Industrialist, a Philosopher and a Best–Selling Author, is a Pioneer with a Touch of Ford and Horatio Alger. By James Mills. Photographed by Bill Ray

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