LIFE Magazine September 1979

LIFE Magazine September 1979 Pope John Paul II


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Pg… 4 Editor’s Note. Pg… 9 Windows: Have cameras, Will Jump. Pg… 18 Letters. Pg… 23 Portrait: Nancy Lopez: by Gaylen Moore Pg… 28 Island of Hope: In a crowded Malaysian transit Camp, 35,000 Vietnamese refugees wait for new homelands. Pg… 45 The Firm Touch of the New Fisherman: Pope John Paul II on the eve of his U. S. Visit by Dora Jane Hamblin Pg… 59 A Splashy Fad Comes Sliding In: Amusement parks are cashing in on waterslides Pg… 67 Evita!: Patti LuPone is Eva Peron in a Broadway rock opera. Pg… 77 Tricking a Rare Turtle to Say the: Biologist transplant the endangered Kemp’s Ridley Pg… 82 MOMA: I’m the Golden anniversary of the Museum of modern Art, a look back at triumphs and some near misses. Pg… 97 The 3000 Club: It’s the most exclusive brotherhood in baseball. Pg… 104 The New Rock: Upstarts like Blondie, Devo and the Talking Heads usher in a fresh sound Pg… 117 A God in Exile: The Dalai Lama emerges from his 20–year retreat Pg… 120 Instead of Oil: From Sun power to earthy, a primer of alternate fuels Pg… 132 The Sweater Girl Sweater Is Back. Pg… 136 Life around the World: Send–off from the Boys Pg… 138 Life around the World: A Taunting Banner on the West Bank. Pg… 140 Life around the World: Inferno at Ixtoc I Pg… 142 Life around the World: Jimmy Tries some seat–of–the–paints Politicking Pg… 144 Life around the World: Tears for Thurman Pg… 146 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Chuck Fishman

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