LIFE Magazine September 1981

LIFE Magazine September 1981 Dr. Cooley Artificial Heart / Women in the Military


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Pg… 4 editor’s note That. Pg… 7 The View from Here: once upon a time in legend land, by Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 9 Camera at Work: that old three dimension comes back with a new look. Pg… 18 Letters. Pg… 25 Portrait: Emanuel Steward, training fighters, body and soul, by Paul Judge Pg… 28 The Artificial Heart Is Here: exclusive photographs of the historic operation in Houston. Pg… 34 Two Great Surgical Teams Race for the Man–Made Heart: by James Salter. Pg… 38 Argentina’s Disappeared: “Fear Is the Reason That People Stay Silent.” Pg… 48 Troubled Kids Hit the Trail: a tough wilderness program is straightening out juvenile offenders. Pg… 61 Superwolf: behind the scenes with the creators of Hollywood’s scariest makeup. Pg… 66 Women–At–Arms: they are struggling to overcome the barriers of prejudice and physical strength, by Helen Rogan. Pg… 80 A Most Happy 10th: On Disney World’s birthday, construction gets underway for a permanent fare nearby. Pg… 88 Badlands Oil Boom: the Prairie comes alive as North Dakota goes all out to exploit its natural riches. Pg… 100 Razzle–Dazzle Threads: American fashions for fall glitter in a high–rising boom. Pg… 110 LIFE Goes to the Private Doings after the Royal Wedding. Pg… 116 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Enrico Ferorelli of electro–hydraulic heart designed by Robert Jarvik

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