LIFE Magazine April 10, 1964

LIFE Magazine April 10, 1964 Earthquake in Alaska


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Pg… 2 Editorials: The Senator and Castroism

Pg… 2 Editorials: The Governor and Booze

Pg… 11 LIFE Reviews: Vance Packard's Book The Naked Society and Myron Brenton's The Privacy Invaders are Reviewed by Robert Wallace. The Servant, a New British Movie, is Reviewed by Thomas Thompson. Jazz Men Thelonious Monk and Charlie Mingus?and Their Records?are Reviewed by Chris Welles

Pg… 21 The View from Here: The Murder that 38 Witnesses Made No Move to Prevent. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 24 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 Earthquake in Alaska: The Worst Tremor Ever Recorded in the U.S. Lays Waste a State and Its Economy and Sets Killer Tidal Waves in Motion. Survivors Tell LIFE Correspondents of the Five Minutes of the Horror. Earthquakes from Aristotle's Time to Alaska?and What Caused Them. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 43 Art on the Wing: Jet–Age Sculpture at Lincoln Center

Pg… 49 Three Sophias in One Big Movie: Miss Loren Plays a Triple Role and Tells How She Learned to Do a Striptease in One

Pg… 60 Ernest Hemingway: His New Book and First Posthumous Work, A Moveable Feast, Recalls His Hungry Young Years in Paris. Photographs of the Paris that Hemingway Knew, by Gordon Parks

Pg… 94 Swimming Team's Self–Torture: Indiana University's Controversial Coach Builds a Winning Team?on Suffering

Pg… 98 Pressure–Chamber Therapy: New Medical Technique Force–Feeds Oxygen to Patients

Pg… 103 Return of the Sweater Girl: Top Designer Donald Brooks Rejuvenates an Old Favorite

Pg… 109 Bob Dylan: Angry Folk Singer: He Sounds Off Musically Against Social Injustice and Becomes a Best–Seller

Pg… 118 Miscellany: Well–Balanced Police Force

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