LIFE Magazine April 17, 1964

LIFE Magazine April 17, 1964 General Douglas MacArthur Death


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Any Friend of Goulash Can't Be All Bad

Pg… 4 Editorials: Reverse Carpetbagging

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Theater: Funny Girl, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux. Book: James Donovan's Strangers on a Bridge, Reviewed by Paul Mandel. Movie: The Best Man, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan

Pg… 25 Memento of MacArthur: An Old Friend Recalls a 25–Year Association with the General. Special Report by Carl Mydans

Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 In Remembrance of MacArthur: In Color Pictures, the General's Funeral Pageantry and the Landmarks of His Five–Star Career. His Ringing Speech at West Point: Duty, Honor, Country

Pg… 38B Revolt in Brazil: The Army Ousts President Goulart to Arrest a Big Yaw to the Left

Pg… 38D Lodge in South Vietnam: How the World's Hottest Spot Looks to Me. By Henry Cabot Lodge

Pg… 43 Jet Crash They Walked Away From: Miraculous Escape from an Airliner that Overshot the Runway at New York

Pg… 44 People: Khrushchev Tours Hungary and Lashes Out at Red China. Sir Winston Churchill Celebrates His Lady's Birthday

Pg… 47 Charles Atlas Was Right All Along: The Isometric Vogue for Isometric Exercises Vindicates the Famous Old Muscle Man

Pg… 51 Sports Car for the Masses: Ford Unveils Its Low–Cost Mustang and Other Makers Shape Up for the Trend

Pg… 58 World War I, Part III: The War at Sea; In a Bitter Double Siege U–Boats Sprang the Big Surprise. The Fleets Fought at Jutland. U–Boats and Raider Stalked the Oceans. By Edward Kern

Pg… 83 The Piet?'s Historic Journey: A Michelangelo Heads for the World's Fair in a Crate that Can Send Its Own SOS

Pg… 89 Up She Goes?By the Hair: In Newest Circus Hit, a Pretty Girl Juggles in Mid–Air While Dangling By Her Tresses

Pg… 92 Hitchhike Across the Sahara: Peace Corps Girl's Diary Tells Story of a Rollicking Adventure. By Barbara Kral

Pg… 108 Kim Novak in Her Hideaway: LIFE Visits a Lovely Star's Home on the Ocean Cliffs of the Big Sur Country. Photographed by Eliot Elisofon

Pg… 113 Brainy Plan for Tennis: Smart Coach Makes His Young Prot?g?s Play Chess

Pg… 116 Miscellany: Fine Time for a Fizzle

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