LIFE Magazine April 1994

LIFE Magazine April 1994 Getting Away to America’s newest, hottest vacation spots


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Pg… 12 The Big Picture: A father teaches us jelled a deadly game; an icy winter journey ends in trying Life unfolds: The long and the short of NBA basketball. Pg… 28 Camera at Work: wartime photographs of the real Oscar Schindler and the world he inhabited inspired the haunting images and Steven Spielberg’s epic film. Pg… 36 Almanac: Celebrating a smash hit that brought people to their feet; the Big Bang that brought them to their knees; and a babes baptism that marked a new beginning. Pg… 46 Face–To–Face: The penetrating eye of meaning Liebowitz provided the defining image of her generation. Now, the celebrated photographer is viewing the world from a wider angle. Pg… 56 The Way We Live: The life of an 11–year–old beauty queen is a constant whirl of voice lessons, travel and elaborate makeup sessions, but it doesn’t leave much time to be a kid. Pg… 71 Journey: Planning a vacation? Try the lush paired iso–Molokai or the old world splendors of Lenox, Massachusetts. A tour of Likes places of the year features everything from the historic to the exotic. Pg… 100 Discovery: The world watched as an extraordinary operation miles above Earth sharpened the vision of the Hubble telescope, providing us at last with the most breathtaking pictures from here to eternity. Pg… 108 My other life: Even after a hit movie, this woman can’t help feeling she’s behind the eight ball. Pg… 110 Sites unseen: Inside a dark place that’s not as the double: no wonder people praying not to go there. Pg… 112 how things work: The deadly cunning of the plant world’s most famous killer may not save the Venus flytrap from extinction. Pg… 114 On the job: Although he works day and night, this man never feels the need to get away. Pg… 117 Pictures to the Editor Pg… 118 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Michael Melford

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