LIFE Magazine January 18, 1937

LIFE Magazine January 18, 1937 Henry Ford and son Edsel Ford


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Pg… 4 Speaking of Pictures: Who Killed Diamond King? Photocrime murder mystery story.

Pg… 9 Sit–down Strikes: Detroit faces 1st great strike as 89,000 U.A.W. union members use potent new tactic on General Motors

Pg… 16 A Munitions Ship Puts to Sea: Munitions ship Mar Cantabrico leaves for Spain after finding loophole in U.S. Neutrality Act

Pg… 18 Crime: Sidewalk prayers to NY Governor Lehman save 4 of 6 murderers of Brooklyn subway collector

Pg… 20 Senator With Charm: Henry Cabot Lodge takes his grandfather's seat in the U.S. Senate

Pg… 21 Paramount Rest Hour: Dancing extras take a break during the filming of Champagne Waltz

Pg… 22 Perry v. Vines: Tennis fans jam Madison Square Garden to see Britain's John Perry make his professional debut against American Ellsworth Vines

Pg… 24 Table Tennis: Newly–formed U.S. team competes at U.S. Table Tennis Association at Chicago Lake Shore Athletic Club

Pg… 26 Britain's Noble Beauties: American attending London parties this Coronation year will see English peeresses such as Vicountess Bridport

Pg… 31 Ten Youngest Duchesses

Pg… 32 100 Hippopotami: 100 African hippos scared when Imperial Airways plane flew over

Pg… 34 200 Elephants: 200 African elephants scared when plane flew over piloted by British aviator Sir Alan Cobham

Pg… 36 Science in Atlantic City: Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Pg… 41 Radiometeorograph: U.S. Weather Bureau demonstrates weather–observing hydrogen balloon that goes up 20 miles into stratosphere

Pg… 46 The Spaniards: Spanish rebels bomb Madrid

Pg… 48 Diplomats' Busiest Winter

Pg… 50 Movie of the Week: The Good Earth: The MGM story of Wang Lung starring Paul Muni and Luise Rainer

Pg… 58 Private Lives: Includes Lily Langtry, Helen Love, babies Polson & Munk, Ross Alexander, Barbara Stanwyck & Robert Taylor

Pg… 61 LIFE Goes to a Party: Launching of a Widemar debutante in Philadelphia with the Stotesbury, Wanamaker, & Dorrance families

Pg… 66 Pictures to the Editors: Radio blues singer Martha Raye peeling an onion by M.U. Blumenthal

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