LIFE Magazine April 1995

LIFE Magazine April 1995 Knowing Your Medical Family Tree Can Save Your Life


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture: the rules of Chechnya's capital recall an earlier conflagration; the all–time greatest diver confronts life with AID's; the Vietnamese take a swing at a western symbol.

Pg… 22 Camera at Work: To French photographers create an extraordinary White album depicting the singular beauty of some of nature's oddest creatures.

Pg… 26 Almanac: Oscar moves a future princess to tears; how the 19th century orphans found a quick way to pull themselves up by their bootstraps; ghostly visions of terror rise in the South.

Pg… 36 Journey: Each year millions traveled to Lourdes, climbed the steep slope of a shrine dedicated to St. Patrick and make the arduous trek to other holy sites in awe–inspiring acts of faith.

Pg… 48 Face to Face: At a time when everyone seems to have an opinion about the first lady's role, the ongoing accomplishments of Lady Bird Johnson continued to set the standard.

Pg… 60 Discovery: Researching your medical family tree can help you save your own life–and the lives of your family. Plus stories of survivors who did their homework.

Pg… 72 The Way We Live: The Harvard of pro wrestling (OK. It's an Atlanta warehouse) prepares future hulks for the ultimate test.

Pg… 77 LIFE. Special: Want to paint a picket fence in Tom Sawyer's hometown? How about checking out the likely site of the 2002 Winter Olympics? The hottest vacation spots are right here in LIFE's Places of the Year 1995

Pg… 102 Sites Unseen: To look his best in court, O.J. Simpson has to play by the rules.

Pg… 104 On The Job: Even when he has to take off, this man may cheer his clients get the message.

Pg… 107 Pictures to the Editor:

Pg… 108 Just One More: : Cover photograph by Andrew Eccles

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