LIFE Magazine April 1996

LIFE Magazine April 1996 One Body, Two Souls / Conjoined Twins


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Pg… 14 The Big Picture: a Firefighter Plumbs the Depths of Courage; Happy Campers in the Sahara; Looking like a Million Bucks.

Pg… 24 Portrait: Actor Nathan Lane Wins Acclaim Playing Guys (on Stage) and Dolls (on Screen).

Pg… 26 LIFE Goes..: to an All–Star Shootout at the Golden Globes.

Pg… 32 Almanac: an American Wallflower Comes into Its Own; Bidding War in Camelot.

Pg… 86 Camera at Work: by Preserving Ancient Culture, Japanese Artists and Artisans Lift Modern Spirits

Pg… 89 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg… 90 Just One More. : Cover: the Hensel Twins Are Independent in Spirit and Bound Together in Love. Photograph by Steve Wewerka.

Pg… 44 Light Special: Two Sisters Together Forever: the Ordinary Life of Extraordinary Twins.

Pg… 58 Face–To–Face: They Call Her by Just One Name: Paloma. She's Dazzling Talented, Fiercely Ambitious – and Poised to Become the Next Dance Sensation

Pg… 66 LIFE 60 Years: the Expanding World of Science, from the Horror of the A–Bomb to the Wonder of Birth.

Pg… 70 Journey: Archaeology Goes Underwater to Accomplish an Astonishing Feat: Raising Alexandria.

Pg… 77 Looking for America: New Section… Photographer Eugene Richards Sets out to Prove That America's Soul Is Anywhere You Look for It. First Stop: Virgin, Utah

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