LIFE Magazine April 23, 1965

LIFE Magazine April 23, 1965 Frank Sinatra


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Pg… 6 Editorial: Population Explosion and "Anit–Babyism"

Pg… 14 LIFE Reviews

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 27 The Feminine Eye: Black is His Way of Thinking. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 28 The KKK Rides Again: The Sudden Revival of the South's Hooded Society of Terror

Pg… 36 Coronation of Sikkim's Queen Hope

Pg… 43 The Night of Tornadoes: An Extraordinary Picture of Twin Twisters Lit Up by Lightning

Pg… 44A Items in the News: North Vietnamese Put a Captured American Flier on Public View. Russian Astronomers Tune in on Mysterious Signals from Outer Space

Pg… 44B Washington Report

Pg… 47 Sharp: 'Thinking Man's Admiral': Ulysses S. Grant Sharp is the Boss of U.S. Forces in Vietnam and the Pacific

Pg… 53 Steinmetz: The Thunderer's Legacy: Science and Industry Celebrate the Centennial of an Electrical Wizard. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 63 Avant–Garde in Buffalo?: The City has a Far–Out Arts Festival with Dancing Nudes, Headless Horoos and Wacky Ways to Make Music. By Rosalind Constable

Pg… 73 Solid Rocket Dilemma: Success with Solid Fuel Puts NASA in a Quandary

Pg… 76A Houston's Great Astrodome Blunder

Pg… 83 The Unhappiest Circus: Special Report: a Troupe is Stranded in Lebanon with Sick Lions and Larceny. By Lee Griggs

Pg… 84 Sinatra's Private World: The Greatest Living Popular Singer Permits a Look at the Way He Lives and Thinks. Photographed by John Dominis. A Revealing Article: Me and My Music, by Frank Sinatra

Pg… 107 Dogs Against Criminals: Animal Guards Get a Lot of New Work

Pg… 111 Zingy Lightweight Motorcycles: Here are the Hottest Things on Two Wheels

Pg… 115 Nicklaus: Three–Club Virtuoso: The Masters Champ Plays a Game All His Own. By Tom Flaherty

Pg… 120 Miscellany: A Footloose Sea Urchin

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