LIFE Magazine April 24, 1939

LIFE Magazine April 24, 1939 Neville Chamberlain


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Pg… 15 The Governor of Missouri Helps Indict the Boss of Kansas City

Pg… 20 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 21 Marian Anderson Sings to Washington

Pg… 22 Across the Gloomy Checkerboard of Europe, Its Leaders Work at War and Play at Peace

Pg… 24 The Nation's Columnists Divide in Great Debate on War & Peace

Pg… 26 Bergdett, No. 1 World War Slacker, Decides to Return Home

Pg… 28 The New York World's Fair Rehearses Night Lighting

Pg… 90 The Cabled Photo is Perfected

Pg… 73 Three Families: How an Englishman, German and Frenchman Live

Pg… 84 A Map Lesson in the Rise and Decline of Europe's Empires

Pg… 59 World's Largest Exhibit of Fossil Reptiles Opens in New York

Pg… 70 The Evolution of Thomas Hart Benton

Pg… 44 The Robins Come

Pg… 47 Schoolgirls Tumble to Fame on California Tour

Pg… 31 "Dark Victory"

Pg… 34 ?and a Budget on Its Cost

Pg… 39 Katherine Hepburn in Frilly Clothes Triumphs in New Play

Pg… 67 Doll's Eyes, Seeds, Dice Now Hang on Girls' Necks

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 8 Speaking of Pictures: Beards

Pg… 86 People

Pg… 92 LIFE Goes to a Sugaring–Off Party

Pg… 98 Pictures to the Editors

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