LIFE Magazine April 24, 1964

LIFE Magazine April 24, 1964 Richard Burton as Hamlet


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Here is What MacArthur Really Meant Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: William Golding’s Novel, The Spire, Reviewed by Douglas Haskell; The Cool World, Movie Review by Richard Oulahan; Boring British Satirists, Reviewed by John Gregory Dunne Pg… 29 The View from Here: A Ramble in the Past with Mr. Truman. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 30 Letters to the Editors Pg… 34 Ski Stars Die in an Avalanche: Luck Runs Out for America’s Buddy Werner and Germany’s Barbara–Marie Henneberge Pg… 40 Plot to Throttle the World’s Fair: Militant Negroes Plan to Seal Off the Exposition On Its Opening day Pg… 42 Arnold Palmer’s Big Win: He Becomes the First Golfer in History to Take the Masters Tournament Four Times Pg… 42B Items in the News: L.B.J. Shows Off Two Illustrious Visitors. The Kennedys Gather at the Future Memorial Library Pg… 45 Yale’s New President: Kingman Brewster Jr. Marches Into Office Pg… 46 Racing Car Goes Wild: Driver Roger McCluskey Survives an Incredible Spill Pg… 48 People: Henry Ford Takes Christina Austin to Dinner. Britain’s Harold Macmillan Rests in the Irish Air Pg… 48B Cherry Blossom Queen: Iowa’s Anne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Reigns Over Washington’s Famous Trees Pg… 51 Underground Dreamhouse: A Texan Lives 10 Feet Below the Surface Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: A Special Series on the Anniversary of the Poet’s Birth Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: The World of Shakespeare. Paintings by Paul Hogarth Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: The Biggest Literary Whodunit: Who Wrote Shakespeare? By Dora Jane Hamblin Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: The Power and Magic of the Creator of Clowns and Kings Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: Hamlet as Played by Plummer and Burton Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400:Everything’s Up to Date in Elsinore, by Tom Prideaux Pg… 58 Shakespeare at 400: Ghamlet in a Russian Film Pg… 101 Do It Yourself Orbit: Amateurs are Set for a Private Satellite Launching Pg… 107 The Trolls Take Over: Army of Impish Dolls Invade the U.S. Pg… 110 Great Dinners: Fettuccine: Pasta is Served with a Scallop and Shrimp Seviche and a Cream–Puff Triumph Pg… 116 Miscellany: All Wrapped Up in Art

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