LIFE Magazine April 3, 1939

LIFE Magazine April 3, 1939 Cochran Look-alike Portrait Dolls


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Pg… 17 Hitler Follows the Nazis of His "Trojan Horse" into Czecho–Slovakia

Pg… 20 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 21 Pope Pius XII Is Crowned in St. Peter's

Pg… 22 Sarcophagus of George V Dedicated at Windsor Castle; Best Likeness of Lincoln Added to Haunted White House Corridors

Pg… 23 Coring Plays Tennis in Hair Net; France Tries a German for Killing an American

Pg… 24 Two American Careers: Bill Douglas, Scholar–Statesman

Pg… 25 ?and Jimmy Hines, Political Boss

Pg… 26 Century's Most Amazing Find Is Live Fish of 50,000,000 Years Ago

Pg… 28 Spanish Flight into France Ends in Bitterness and Squalor

Pg… 64 Lindbergh Walks Alone

Pg… 58 Sandhogs: A Gang of Tough Men Build a Tough Tunnel

Pg… 30 Stained Glass Has U. S. Renaissance

Pg… 46 Midget Lamp Throws Beam of Reading Light a Mile

Pg… 49 The Real White Races of Europe

Pg… 39 "Wuthering Heights"

Pg… 55 Giddy Colors, Queer Heels Adorn Spring Shoes

Pg… 56 Look–Alike Dolls Resemble Their Owners

Pg… 33 Birds In Arctic: Millions of Waterfowl Nest in Mackenzie Delta

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 4 Speaking of Pictures: Easter Brings Eggs and Rabbits

Pg… 76 LIFE Goes Calling at Joe Cook's Sleepless Hollow

Pg… 82 Pictures to the Editors

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