LIFE Magazine April 30, 1971

LIFE Magazine April 30, 1971 Inside China


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Pg… 22 The Great Wall Comes Down: In a Week the Visiting American Table–Tennis Team?and Accompanying Journalists?Went to Peking, Shanghai and Canton, and Met with Chou En–Lai

Pg… 32 'A Country Being Worked Very Hard': John Saar Writes His Impressions of the Journey

Pg… 46 A Conversation with Mao: The Chinese Leader in an Unusual Five–Hour Talk with an American Who has Known Him for 35 Years. By Edgar Snow

Pg… 52 Editorial: Reopening the Door to China

Pg… 4 The Presidency: Nixon has Long Hoped to Make Contacts with China and Now, Aides Report, He is "Thirsting" to go there Himself. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 55 On Being a Catholic: For a City Priest, and for a Woman Looking Back at Her Childhood, the Church Endures. By Joan Barthel

Pg… 64 Wheeling Off to Bed: Furniture for Kids in the Form of Giant Playthings

Pg… 68 LIFE's Great Diners: PARTING SHOTS Applauds Some of the Best Examples of Roadside Eateries and Presents a Recipe for Muskrat Stew. Photographed by Yale Joel

Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: A Speedboat, Blasting Through Flames at 40 mph, Photographed by Gary Warren

Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: IBM's Computer Exhibition in New York City, Reviewed by Walter McQuade

Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: Daniel Stern Reviews Jerzy Kosinski's New Novel, "Being There"

Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: In Critic's Roundup, Richard Schickel Reviews Six Movies

Pg… 21 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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