LIFE Magazine April 4, 1955

LIFE Magazine April 4, 1955 Confucianism Religion

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Pg… 12 Speaking of Pictures: Art Director Makes Fantastic Designs Without Stepping from His Car, Office or Home Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors Pg… 28 A Great Career draws to a Close: Sir Winston Churchill’s Life is Reviewed in Pictures and Described in His Own Words Pg… 38 A Jivy Russian Jumps West: Cable from Berlin Recounts Story of a Recent Red Defection Pg… 40 Editorial: A Scrap is not Armageddon Pg… 45 Proxy Fight at Montgomery Ward: Chairman Sewell Avery Digs in for a Bitter Contest Against Louis Wolfson Pg… 51 Rocking Chair Marathon: Promoters Revive Depression–Era Spectacle in Lauzon, Quebec and Latest Champion Goes Momentarily Off His Rocker Pg… 57 Hollywood Talent Turns to Fashion: Flodgling Designer Janet Leigh Introduces Her Basic “Do–To” Dress Pg… 64 Religion in the Land of Confucius: Third in LIFE’S Series of The World’s Great Religions Pg… 89 Farmyard Students: Two Hot Springs, Ark. Psychologists Teach I.Q. Zoo Animals Tricks for Treats Pg… 97 “Peter Pan” on TV: Mary Martin Telecasts an Old Favorite Pg… 104 College Quiz: Radio Series Converts High–Brows Into Campus Heroes Pg… 108 Tiny Traffic Terror: A Peep–Show Safety Device Sends Model Autos Leaping at Londoners’ Faces to See How Fast They can Duck Pg… 115 A Full Religious Life: Movie Version of “A Man Called Peter” Recalls the Career of a Great Preacher Pg… 124 Stanky and the Cardinals: St. Louis’ Manager Gets Another Chance to Pull a Powerful Team Out of Second Division Pg… 135 Sequel: A World War II Prisoner Starved by the Nazis Thrives in Port Washington, Wis. Pg… 141 Businessman in Washington: Steelman Clarence Randall has a Good Word to Say for Government After 18 Months in Capital Pg… 152 A Look at the World’s Week Pg… 154 Miscellany: A Pipeline Blows Its Own Smoke Rings

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