LIFE Magazine August 1990

LIFE Magazine August 1990 The first pictures ever of HOW LIFE BEGINS


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Pg… 6 Publisher's Notes

Pg… 8 Moments in Life

Pg… 18 Notes from the Interior, The caller who hung up

Pg… 26 The first days of creation, Lennart Nilsson's astonishing new photographs of life's beginnings

Pg… 50 Will the real Father Time stand up, Obsessed scientists in Colorado race to build the world's most accurate clock

Pg… 54 The testing of Dory Yochum, She knows all the right answers. But can this excutive and mother of two make the highest corporate grade?

Pg… 64 The Alein Among us, Talking Disney, Divorce and Drink with earthy actor Brian Dennehy

Pg… 70 Return od the Natives, After a harrowing kidnap and daring rescue, the "Bangkok Six' orangutans swing back to freedom

Pg… 76 Send in the clowns, For desperately ill children, laughter can be the best medicine

Pg… 86 The subject is Roses, An octogenarian's passion keeps old–fashioned flowers alive

Pg… 92 One World, One Event, The World Cup brought us all together–in front of our TV sets

Pg… 95 Snapshot, Indian Summer

Pg… 96 Just one more

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