LIFE Magazine August 1995

LIFE Magazine August 1995 John F. Kennedy Describes Jacqueline Bouvier

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Pg… 12 The Big Picture: One small–but terrifying–leap for man; a violent end for a real dummy; in the swim with a bevy of babes

Pg… 18 Portrait: Past meets future as Myrlie Evers–Williams takes the helm of a struggling NAACP.

Pg… 20 LIFE Goes To…: A fabulous night for a moonbeams.

Pg… 26 Almanac: A starship captain switches careers; celebrating the ultimate failure; American women win a major battle.

Pg… 34 LIFE Remembers: For the first time, Kennedy intimate Dave Powers, opens his personal photo album to reveal the private Jack and Jackie

Pg… 46 Discovery: Shimmering coral gardens, huge pink sea fans and violet squirrelfish thrive in the crystal waters of the South Pacific surrounding me. Treasured islands of Palau.

Pg… 55 LIFE Special: The issues that separate us as a nation–race, power, status–are brought into focus on a guided tour of a mile around the White House.

Pg… 76 The Way We Live: A car accident left Kim Torbitt paralyzed at the age of 18. Bought. When Kim met Mymu, a capuchin monkey with amazing abilities, his life expanded in ways he hadn't dared imagine.

Pg… 82 Camera at Work: A photographer produces haunting images by sneaking around at night.

Pg… 87 Pictures to the Editor

Pg… 88 Just One More. : Cover photographs courtesy of Dave Powers

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