LIFE Magazine August 27, 1971

LIFE Magazine August 27, 1971 Game Plan for the Dollar


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Pg… 20 Nixon’s Economic Bombshell: How the Decisions were Made at Camp David, by Hugh Sidey. An Expert Views the Freeze and the Future, an Interview with Economist Otto Eckstein by William A. McWhirter Pg… 26 Kennedy’s Searing Tour: The Senator Goes on a Fact–Finding Trip Through the Grim Pakistani Refugee Camps in India. Photographed by Dick Swanson Pg… 4 Editorials: A Bold Economic Switch Pg… 4 Editorials: A Confusing Retreat on Bussing Pg… 30 It’s Showtime in the Parks: From Shakespeare to Rock, there’s Something Free for Everyone Pg… 36 Hitching Across America: The Bittersweet Tale of a Boy and a Girl Who Headed East from Los Angeles, Thumbing Rides. Photographed by Vernon Merritt III Pg… 46 Part III of a Three–Part Series: The Personal Side of the ‘Woman Problem’: Is Women’s Lib a Dirty Word in Milwaukee? Jane Howard Reports on Consciousness–Raising in the Midwest. You’ve Come a Long Way, Buddy; the Repentant Chauvinists of Men’s Lib Join the Battle. An Article by Barry Farrell Pg… 60 Into the Air, Junior Birdmen: Maine’s Camp Solo Puts Some Very Young Aviators Into the Pilot’s Seat Pg… 65 Parting Shots: Everybody Wants Satchel Paige?Except the Majors Pg… 65 Parting Shots: Some Texas Folks Suggest where a Hated Highway Can Go Pg… 65 Parting Shots: Breaking Records in Seattle Pg… 2 Departments: Gallery: A new Irish Martyr, by Terence Spencer Pg… 6–14 Departments: Reviews: John Brooks Reviews “Do You Want to Be Rich?”, an Account of the Rise and Fall of Bernie Cornfeld’s Financial Empire by the London “Sunday Times” ‘Insight’ Team Pg… 6–14 Departments: Reviews: “The Dice Men,” a Comic Novel by Luke Rhinehart, is Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks Pg… 6–14 Departments: Reviews: Film Critic Richard Schickel Reviews “Willard” Pg… 6–14 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Comments on the Changing Role of the TV Private Eye Pg… 6–14 Departments: Reviews: Calvin Trillin Analyzes French Fried Potatoes Pg… 18A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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