LIFE Magazine December 11, 1939

LIFE Magazine December 11, 1939 Betty Grable


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Pg… 21 Japanese Capture of Nanning Cuts China's Busiest Back–Door Road

Pg… 26 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 27 War on the Western Front: A French Poilu Sits Guard on German Border

Pg… 28 Germany's "Deutschland" Sinks British Cruiser

Pg… 30 British Warplanes Are Towed Across Canadian Border, Browder Is Cheered and Jeered a Yale

Pg… 31 L.S.U.'s Ex–President Cuts Cane in Stripes

Pg… 32 On Sadie Hawkins Day Girls Chase Boys in 201 Colleges

Pg… 34 Reds Attack Finland by Land, Sea and Air

Pg… 47 LIFE in a Blackout: Drawings by Wallace Morgan

Pg… 79 Kansas Girls: Life Is Fun For Them at State University

Pg… 92 Jawaharlal Nehru

Pg… 69 "The Lion Has Wings"

Pg… 58 "Du Barry Was a Lady"

Pg… 62 ?Cole Porter Writes Broadway's Top Sophisticated Songs

Pg… 44 John Sloan: A Great Teacher–Painter Crusades for American Art

Pg… 37 Boxing Commission Fails to Make Harry Thomas Talk

Pg… 60 New Covered–Up Fashions May Mean Strip–Tease on Southern Beaches

Pg… 64 Hollywood Holds Birthday Party for Year–Old Fingernails

Pg… 41 Dorothy Maynor: Negro Singer from Virginia Makes Concert Debut

Pg… 75 Boston Children Study Animals in Own Museum

Pg… 88 U.S. Army Has Finest Rifle: National Guard Gets Its First Supply of Earands

Pg… 4 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Speaking of Pictures: These Musicians Are Made of Fruit

Pg… 102 People

Pg… 106 LIFE Goes to a Basketball Game at Salem, Ind.

Pg… 110 Pictures to the Editors

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