LIFE Magazine December 11, 1964

LIFE Magazine December 11, 1964 The Rockettes


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Pg… 6 Editorials

Pg… 14 LIFE Reviews

Pg… 29 The View from Here: How Good for Me is Anti–Dead. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 32 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 34 Exploding Power of the Buddhists: The Charred Heart of a Suicide Monk is the Grisly Symbol of More Violence and Instability in Vietnam

Pg… 42 Gala Opening of the Lido: Celebrity First–Nighters Wear Slacks to the Famed Paris Revue

Pg… 44 Items in the News

Pg… 49 To Sir Winston at 90

Pg… 55 Action, Your Highness!: Britain's Ex–King, the Duke of Windsor, Becomes a Film Star

Pg… 61 A Young and Pretty Huxley: Member of a Famous Family Works as a Farmhand

Pg… 69 Poor Rickety Leo the Lion: Neighbors Ostracize the Beast Next Door

Pg… 76 The Rockettes: The Dancers Go On and On with the World's Most Famous Kick

Pg… 89 Mexico Moves a Rain God: Tlaloc Kicks Up a Rebellion as He is Taken from a Village to a Big City Museum

Pg… 101 Notre Dame vs. U.S.C.: Season's Shocker Hits the Team Heading for the National Championship

Pg… 112 Children's Books: There are a Happy Few Amid the Junk. By Robert Wallace

Pg… 132 Op Art: A Dizzying, Fascinating Style of Painting. By Warren R. Young

Pg… 142 Miscellany

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