LIFE Magazine December 15, 1972

LIFE Magazine December 15, 1972 Joys of Christmas Special Double Issue


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Pg… 12 Bethlehem: Twenty Centuries After the Birth of Christ, it is Still a Place of Beauty and Worship. A Picture Essay by Farrell Grehan

Pg… 32 Hubbub on the Farm: Photographer Leonard McCombe Shows what Christmas is Like on a Family Farm?His Own

Pg… 48 The Child Jesus: An Affectionately Inventive Account of the Birth and Boyhood of Christ by a Medieval Monk

Pg… 71 Masterminds at Play: Some Ingenious Grown–Ups Get a Chance to See what They Can Do With Children's Playthings

Pg… 84 Dough Ho Ho!: From the Oven of Super–Clever Cooks, Art that You Can Admire and Even Eat, Including What May Be the World's Fanciest Cookie

Pg… 96 Doll Dreams: Primitive or Lifelike, Every Doll is a Springboard for the Dreams of Childhood. A Portfolio by Seven Celebrated Photographers

Pg… 114 Home to Iowa: The Loving and Painful Ritual of a Yearly Journey Into the Past. By Dora Jane Hamblin

Pg… 124 The Season to be Jolly: Visions of Christmastime in America?Splendid, Tawdry and Serene

Pg… 28 Years Ago

Pg… 42 Celebrating with W.C. Fields

Pg… 45 An Almanac of December 25

Pg… 57 Doing Unto Others

Pg… 64 Navidad in Mexico

Pg… 92 20 Years On Santa's Knee

Pg… 106 They Stole My Tree

Pg… 110A Bow Wow of a Present

Pg… 112 Panic in a Pear Tree

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