LIFE Magazine December 1980

LIFE Magazine December 1980 Children Battle Cancer


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 View from Here : home is the loser, home from DC, by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 13 Camera at Work: Sheila Metzner photographs children in Loving hues

Pg… 25 Letters.

Pg… 47 30 Years Ago: retreat in Korea, photographed by David Douglas Duncan.

Pg… 51 Portrait: Peter O'Toole, the actor bloody but unbowed, by Andrew Sinclair

Pg… 54 Homecoming Album for a Hostage: his family describes the year Jimmy Lopez missed by Anne Fadiman

Pg… 66 The Treasure of Sierra Pelada: Brazil's gold rush produces millions.

Pg… 77 Divided Waters: the Colorado is the Sunbelt's most contested resource.

Pg… 87 Folk History on an L.A. Wall: Young people paint 1,700 feet of California history

Pg… 95 Krazy Kats: some of the new breeds are a bit on the freakish side.

Pg… 107 Palladio Lives on: after four centuries, a celebration of the most influential architect ever.

Pg… 116 A Thousand Miles from One Hearth to Another: a trip through Mongolia, by Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Pg… 128 Saving the Children: part 3 of a LIFE report: turning the tide against cancer in the young.

Pg… 139 The Endless Quest for a Cure: part 4: the state of cancer care today, by Jeff Wheelwright.

Pg… 151 Ronald Reagan's Small–Town Roots: the president–elect's Illinois boyhood

Pg… 159 America's Family Album: 100 years ago, George Eastman founded a company that set us making snapshots.

Pg… 167 The Walt Whitman He Wanted Us to Remember: how the great poet shaped his own image by Justin Kaplan.

Pg… 176 The Creches of Naples: tidings of great Christmas joy from Italy.

Pg… 186 Return of the Epic Western: Deer Hunter director Michael Cimino makes a panoramic Heaven's Gate

Pg… 197 Life around the World: A President Faces up to His Defeat.

Pg… 198 Life around the World: United in Grief: determined mothers in Atlanta.

Pg… 200 Life around the World: Tracking the Russian Bear.

Pg… 202 Life around the World: Scenes from a Hijack that Ended in Death

Pg… 204 Life around the World: goodbye to a most adored Diva

Pg… 206 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Tom Tracy

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