LIFE Magazine December 1991

LIFE Magazine December 1991 JFK / Why We Still Care


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Pg… 33 NOTES FROM THE INTERIOR Sexual Bigotry by Roger Rosenblatt

Pg… 34 Why We Still Care Oliver Stone's new movie about JFK's assassination revives an American obsession by Lisa Grunwald

Pg… 50 The Hand of Time A curious scuba diver discovers a cache of cave paintings from the Stone Age off the coast of Marseilles

Pg… 58 Men of God Photographer Gerard Rancinan's gallery of eight religious leaders who inspire billions around the world

Pg… 76 THE AMERICAN FAMILY For the Foreseeable Future The simple life can be a tough row to hoe Photographs by Eugene Richards Text by George Howe Colt

Pg… 88 A Death in the Family For the first time, Michael Landon's widow talks about his last moments by Cindy Landon as told to Brad Darrach

Pg… 102 The Ballad of A.P. Carter On the centennial of his birth, the father of country music remains a mystery man by Charles Hirshberg

Pg… 122 'Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the mall, shoppers pursued the best gift of all by Nikki Amdur and Scott Gummer

Pg… 133 SNAPSHOT Miracle on 10th Street by Madeleine L'Engle

Pg… 134 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph: ? Mark Shaw

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