LIFE Magazine December 1993

LIFE Magazine December 1993 Miracles of Birth

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Pg… 34 LIFE SPECIAL Just in time for the holidays, a new Nutcracker dazzles the eye, as ballet's sugarplum, with an unlikely star, opens in movie theaters.

Pg… 48 FACE TO FACE In a radical departure from fantasies Ike Jurassic Park, director Steven Spielberg faces the very real horror of the Holocaust in Schindler's List.

Pg… 63 JOURNEY One hundred fifty years after the first wagon train rolled westward, LIFE traces the route of the courageous pioneers who blazed the rugged terrain of the Oregon Trail.

Pg… 75 THE WAY WE LIVE The brave new world of baby making has given many more families the chance to experience the miracle of birth. Here they share their amazing stories.

Pg… 93 DISCOVERY A biophysicist creates micro masterpieces by focusing his camera on the crystalline beauty of DNA and other natural wonders.

Pg… 12 THE BIG PICTURE A Sioux warrior sends smoke signals; women in China take the plunge. Special foldout: One photo explains why your medical bills are so high.

Pg… 24 THE LITTLE PICTURE Men of religion tend their flock; an artist forks over his car.

Pg… 28 ALMANAC Americans run out of gas; Russians run out of space; and a Norwegian skier is a hero in North Dakota.

Pg… 96 AN AMERICAN PLACE Nancy Lemann dreams of Christmas in New Orleans, where saxophones scream on Bourbon Street.

Pg… 100 MY OTHER LIFE Savvy politico Ann Richards knows how to keep her career right on target.

Pg… 102 HOW THINGS WORK In words and picture', Here's the way reindeer actually fly.

Pg… 106 ON THE JOB When this man's at work, all eyes are upon him.

Pg… 112 SIGHTS UNSEEN In this unique Christmas carol, the genius is between the lines.


Pg… 116 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Joyce Tenneson

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