LIFE Magazine December 1998

LIFE Magazine December 1998 When You Think of GOD What Do You See


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Pg… 14 Editor's Note: Why the Media Dodged the Subject of Religion

Pg… 18 letters That: Readers salute the Mercury seven astronauts and give a few unsung heroes there do; plus praise for an environmentalist's battle against big business

Pg… 22 Contributors: The writer and photographers who create LIFE

Pg… 26 The Big Picture: Signs of intolerance in Wyoming; a Kosovo infant's miraculous escape; Haitians sent home

Pg… 38 life around the world That: An intimate look at the cultures that shape our world: this month, India's true colors, photography by Raghubir Singh

Pg… 46 Life & Times: Catching up with the munchkins / a submarine crew resurfaces / triumph at the transplant games / best holiday read / pet project.

Pg… 56 A Day in the Life: It's the busy season for tree farmer Bill Dennis, photography by Reggie Cassagrande

Pg… 116 Just One More: Santa Claus makes a personal appearance.

Pg… 60 When You Think of God, What Do You See? The author of Angela's Ashes tells how he learned to savor America's spiritual smorgasbord

Pg… 74 Monarch of the Sea: around the world, regally, aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2, photography by Bruce Davidson.

Pg… 82 In Search of a Man Called Moses: He's been played by Charlton Heston and portrayed(with horns) by Michelangelo. A new animated film raises the age old question: Who was the really?

Pg… 87 Wheels of Fortune: U.S. Prisoners are providing wheelchairs–and hope–for disabled people in two dozen countries, photography by Jeffrey Aaronson.

Pg… 91 Gail's Gift: After AIDS takes a young mother's life or letters inspire her troubled family, photography by David Binder

Pg… 100 First, Frost…: A New England cold snap adorns the landscape with Jules, photography by John Wawrzonek

Pg… 108 A Song for the Dying: At the very end, comfort comes from harps soft music, photography by Lynn Johnson

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