LIFE Magazine December 21, 1962

LIFE Magazine December 21, 1962 The Sea Special Double Issue with Michener


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Pg… 16 The Seven Seas: A Poetic Portfolio Photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 40 Race for Ocean Secrets: Ships that Flip, Brave Men and New Undersea Devices Help Lagging U.S.

Pg… 63 Some Idiots Afloat

Pg… 71 A Cruel Friend: Norsemen Wrest a Living from the Arctic Photographed by Howard Sochurek

Pg… 83 Grab for Narrow Waters: New Soviet Strategy on the High Seas by General James D. Hittle

Pg… 96 Of Men and Ships: Favorite Tales of the Sea by James A. Michener

Pg… 99 Great Sea Art

Pg… 116 Before the Mast: A Farm Boy Ships Aboard a Freighter Photographed by Bill Eppridge

Pg… 128 Paths of Commerce: Map of Trade, New Cargo Carriers

Pg… 132 The Romantic P&O: World's Largest Shipping Firm

Pg… 148 Modern 'Moby Dick': Yankee Harpooner Gets a Whale Photographed by Terence Spencer

Pg… 161 Mighty Shipping Magnates

Pg… 168 An Enchanted Island: Photographed by Carl Mydans 'But Paradise May not be For You' by Eugene Burdick

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