LIFE Magazine December 23, 1966

LIFE Magazine December 23, 1966 30th Anniversary Photography Special Issue


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Pg… 6 The Voices of the Photograph

Pg… 22 Nature's Astonishing Lenses: Long Before Man, Waterdrops and Plants were Catching Images of the World

Pg… 32 Man Fixes the Image: With Patience and a Pewter Plate, Photography is Born and People Everywhere Greet it with Wonder and Delight

Pg… 53 Changes on a Classic Theme: The Camera Takes Up a Favorite Subject of Art?the Beauty of the Nude

Pg… 64 How Pictures Should Be Taken: 'With Mind and Heart and a Magic Box': Advice from an Eloquent Photographer. By Carl Mydans

Pg… 80 The Sunny World of the Amateur: The Snapshooters in a Single Town Show Off Their Skills and Quirks in an Album of Family Fun

Pg… 90A The Camera Today: Indispensable Tool: It Streamlines Industry, Catches Robbers, Maps the Ocean Floor, Spies on the Enemy and Stores Massive Knowledge in a Tiny Space

Pg… 104 Beyond the Bounds of Man's Vision: Extraordinary New Techniques Can See the Invisible, Detect Events Gone by and Find Truth by Making Color Lie

Pg… 120B Anywhere and Everywhere for the Story: The Adventurous Journalistic Photographer is Always on the Search for News, Drama and Meaning. By Hugh Moffett

Pg… 120B Anywhere and Everywhere for the Story: Camera on the Spot in a Sea of Disaster Off Greece

Pg… 135 The Power of Seeing: A Portfolio of 20 Contemporary Photographs Cover: The Close–Up on the Cover, Taken from Barley Four Inches Away, Looks Right Into the Living Eye from the Side. The Curving Blue Outer Membrane, Framed by the Lashes, is the Cornea. The Dark Skapce Behind it is the Aqueous Humor and Behind this, Set in the Iris, is the Blue Lens. The Round Shimmer on it is a Reflection of the Photographer's Strobe Light

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