LIFE Magazine December 24, 1965

LIFE Magazine December 24, 1965 The U.S. City Special Double Issue


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Pg… 6 Editorial: From Any Mayor's Window

Pg… 24 Zoom In On the City: Its Zip and Zest, Quirks and Rhythms, Luxuries and Loneliness. Photographed by Art Kane

Pg… 37 No One's in Charge: Everything Grows Every Which Way?and No Wonder. By Conrad Knickerbocker

Pg… 49 Astride the Open Road: Guest Column by Peter Blake

Pg… 50 Great Days of Build and Rebuild: Decade by Decade the Nation's Forces Converged on the City

Pg… 70 Sweep of Creative Power: New Photo Methods Dramatize the City Today. Photographed by Howard Sockurek

Pg… 92 Villains: Greed, Indifference, You: Amid Slurbs and Junks, We Must Find Ways to Save Beauty. By Paul Ylvisaker

Pg… 106 Bitter Plague of Slums: Misery Lives Behind a Cleveland Fa?ade. Photographed by Burk Uzzle. Grim Conclusions, By Paul Welch

Pg… 126 Boston Gladiator?Ed Logue: A Planner Stirs a Ruckus to Rebuild a City. Photographed by Henry Grossman and Ted Polumbaum

Pg… 137 Nine Pros Sound Off: They have Feet On the Ground, Eyes On the Future. Photographed by John Loengard

Pg… 143 What's To Come: Satellites, Megastructures, Platforms?Marvels to Choose from. By Warren R. Young

Pg… 158 Future Choices Begin To Form Up: Some Good Bets On How We'll Move Around and Live

Pg… 168 A City's Future Takes Shape: Planners and Businessmen Join Forces to Bring New Vitality to Philadelphia. Photographed by Arnold Newman

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