LIFE Magazine December 6, 1963

LIFE Magazine December 6, 1963 Family of President Kennedy at Funeral


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Pg… 4 Editorial: The 72 Hours and What They Can Teach Us

Pg… 23 Terror in a Jetliner: How It Feels to Bounce on the Ceiling While a Plane Falls Two and a Half Miles. Special Report by Carol Miller

Pg… 27 LIFE Guide: The New Record Albums, Showy Books and a Bargain–Rate African Safari

Pg… 36 Lettes to the Editors

Pg… 38 Kennedy's Last Journey: In Color, the Pageant of the President's Funeral. Jacqueline Kennedy's Decisions. Lyndon Johnson Moves Strongly to His Big Job?and His Lady Bird Steps Into Her Own New Role. Forlorn Burial of the President's Assassin, and the funeral of a Policeman He Killed. The Questions About Lee Harvey Oswald and the Answers

Pg… 57 Schippers: Handsome Maestro: The Young Conductor Looks Like a Matinee Idol

Pg… 71 Mink–Linked Bathrobe: It's a Many–Purpose and Costly Wrap

Pg… 87 Return of the Dinosaurs: Monsters Invade the Hudson River?En Route to the New York World's Fair

Pg… 93 Last Word in Operating Rooms: A Hospital Builds a Surgeon's Dream?with Electronic Controls to Keep Watch on the Patient

Pg… 101 Novelist Behind Bars: Convicted Murderer Writes a Tough War Book. By Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 110 Ossie and Ruby: The Busy and Very Talented Davises are Everywhere

Pg… 117 The World Mourns J.F.K.: Ordinary People and World Leaders on Both Sides of the Iron Curtain Display Their Grief

Pg… 133 Brenda Frazier's Ordeal: The Most Famous Debutante Ever Tells of a Trouble–Filled Life

Pg… 147 Balanchine's Accomplished Pet: Choreographer has a Cat for a Prot?g?

Pg… 150 The Loving Embrace: Toni Frissell Photographs Its Many Forms

Pg… 158 An Epilogue by Theodore H. White

Pg… 160 John–John's Salute

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