LIFE Magazine December 7, 1962

LIFE Magazine December 7, 1962 The Human Body Converts Food to Fuel


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Pg… 32 STORY OF THE WEEK: The Might We Aimed at Cuba: Wraps Come Off the Build–Up in the South

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Europe's Gains in Stability and Strength

Pg… 40 NEWSFRONTS: New Europe's Tough Old Titans Step to New Tests?Maughman Waxes Friendly with Himself?Shaw's Alphabet?See It in Shavian?An Age Passes with the Death of a Grand Old Queen?That Big Cyranose de Bergerac is Back?Two Glen Ora Youngsters Halve Their Birthday?Very Strong Suspension for a Freedom Car

Pg… 78 COLOR SPECTACLE: The Human Body: Part II. How Food Becomes' Fuel: the Phenomenal Digestive Journey of a Sandwich. Paintings for LIFE by Arthur Lidov

Pg… 104 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: A Budding of Young Beauties

Pg… 117 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Name of the Friendly Game is: Gin! By Charles H. Goren

Pg… 135 FASHION: Startling New Front for High Style: Ski Clothes by Dior and Pucci

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Miracle Maker of Green Bay, Wis. By Marshall Smith

Pg… 55 DEPARTMENTS: Medicine: After "Death" a Nobel Prize for Landau. By Donald Connery

Pg… 59 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: Auntie Mame's Nimble Nephew: Patrick Dennis

Pg… 128 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Duel of Saint and Sinner in Billy Budd. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 25 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Barrel of Fun for Cynics. By Richard Oulahan Jr.

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Christmas Books

Pg… 30 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 142 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Headdownmanship

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