LIFE Magazine February 13, 1939

LIFE Magazine February 13, 1939 Norma Shearer


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Pg… 17 Senators Tattle on Foreign Policy and Roosevelt Denies All

Pg… 20 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 21 Chicago's Biggest Blizzard in a Decade

Pg… 22 Radiophotos from Germany, Spain and Chile

Pg… 23 Crow Is Saved From Ship that Split in Two in Mid–Atlantis

Pg… 24 America's Best Housing Minds Meet at Yale–LIFE Conference

Pg… 26 $2.50 a Week Houses Rise on $1 Lots in Fort Wayne

Pg… 28 A Camera Gets into the Berlin People's Court

Pg… 30 Australia's Forest Fires Burn Out a Country Home

Pg… 68 The Strange Case of the Portland Grave Robberies

Pg… 50 The Philippines: America's Far Eastern Frontier Contains 7,091 Problem Islands

Pg… 36 Golden Gate Fair Gets Best Work of 350 U.S. Artists

Pg… 41 ?And $20,000,000 Worth of Italian Treasures

Pg… 33 Polo Ponies Are Trained on the Texas Prairies

Pg… 44 "Idiot's Delight"

Pg… 60 Four Youthful Actresses Give Parlor Shows

Pg… 64 Maurice Evans Makes Up to Play Falstaff

Pg… 66 Live Model and Her Dummy Double Defy Public to Tell Them Apart

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 8 Speaking of Pictures: Lincoln in English Cartoons

Pg… 70 LIFE Goes to a Party–With the Demulays of Bethlehem, Pa.

Pg… 74 Pictures to the Editors

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