LIFE Magazine February 14, 1964

LIFE Magazine February 14, 1964 Ski Jumping Winter Olympics in Innsbruk


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Pg… 4 Editorial: That's Africa: Troubles Worse than Teething

Pg… 9 LIFE Guide: Homes where U.S. Presidents Lived

Pg… 15 Visit to the Grave: Americans Make Quiet Pilgrimages to the Place Where John F. Kennedy is Buried. A Special Report by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 16 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 De Gaulle Shakes Up the World: The French President Recognizes Red China and Sets a New Neutralist Course for Asia. By Hugh Molfett. South Vietnam Gets an Anti–De Gaulle Leader. First Photographs of the Enemy Show the Vietcong in Action.

Pg… 28 The Ranger Goes Blind: The Moonbound Rocket Hit the Target but Its Cameras Failed?and So Did the Mission

Pg… 30 Olympics Go Off in Style: Winter Olympics have All Manner of Troubles, but the Girls and an Essexville, Mich. Skater Brighten Things Up. Photographed for LIFE by Ralph Crane

Pg… 43 A Dwarf's Full–Size Success: Actor Michael Dunn, Who Stands 3'10", Captivates Broadway and Relishes His Fame

Pg… 54 L.B.J. Country: The Texas Rangeland that the President Loves and Calls Home. Photographed for LIFE by George Silk

Pg… 66A New Menotti Opera Packs the Met: The Last Savage is a Wild and Spoofy Tarzan–Jane Story that Pokes Fun at All Sorts of Things, Including Opera

Pg… 71 No Sleep for 11 Days: In a Scientific Experiment a San Diego Teenager Sets a World Record for Staying Awake

Pg… 76 Too Much Leisure: Part I: Automation and a Shrinking Work Week Bring a Real Threat to All of Us. By Ernest Havemann

Pg… 93 The New Spring Suits: Dolls in Guys' Clothing Sport Stylish Pin Stripes?and Chanel is Everywhere

Pg… 97 Yoga on Company Time: To Improve Staff Efficiency a Dallas Dress Manufacturer Encourages Headstands and Other Yoga Exercises

Pg… 100 Miscellany: To Him It's No Bargain

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