LIFE Magazine February 18, 1972

LIFE Magazine February 18, 1972 Winter Olympics at Sapporo


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Pg… 4 The Beat of Life: A Domestic View of the Onassises. Key Figures in Two Political Trials. Murder in the Rhineland. A Welcome from Hirohito Pg… 30 Corporal Bell, IRA Target: In the Angry Confusion of Civil War in Northern Ireland, a British Commando Does His Dangerous Duty. By William A. McWhirter. Photographed by Terence Spencer Pg… 40 Warm Glow of Victory at Sapporo: Medal Winners in the Winter Olympics. Photographed by John Dominis, George Silk and John Zimmerman Pg… 46 The ‘New Poor’ Scramble to Survive in Seattle: An Unemployed Aerospace Technician and His Family Scrimp and Barely Get By Pg… 53 America’s Best Bridge Team: What has Six Heads, a Lot of Hands and a 300–Pound Brain? By Thomas Thompson Pg… 61 A Father on Trial for What His Son Did: Two Michigan Boys with an Air Gun Put a New Law to the Test Pg… 66 ‘A Matter of Not Giving Up Hope’: Sandy Duncan Talks About Losing Sight in One Eye. By John Frook Pg… 68 Mars: Mariner 9 Photographs a Volcano as Big as Missouri Pg… 73 Parting Shots: The Soviet Who Wants to Keep Us a World Chess Also–Ran. By Rudolph Chelminski Pg… 73 Parting Shots: In Tennis, the Tempting of Chris Evert Pg… 73 Parting Shots: Pity the Poor Teachers of Pen Argyl, Pa. Pg… 12 Departments: The View from Here: The Sum of Recollection Just Keeps Growing. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Discusses Two Current TV Documentaries on the Subject of Earthquakes Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: Critic Richard Schickel Reviews “The Garden of the Finzi–Continis,” a New Film from Director Vittorio de Siea Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” a Tough New Mystery Novel by George V. Higgins, is Applauded by Melvin Maddocks Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: Music Critic Albert Goldman is Not Impressed by the Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, George Harrison “Bangladesh” Album Pg… 24 Departments: 27 Years Ago In ‘Life’: MacArthur Returns and Returns? Pg… 28A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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