LIFE Magazine February 1990

LIFE Magazine February 1990 The Birth of FREEDOM


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Pg… 4 Moments in LIFE

Pg… 20 Letters

Pg… 23 Notes from the Interior, When the walls blow down by Roger Rosenblatt

Pg… 26 The people Rise,A LIFE portfolio records Czechoslovakia's epic struggle for freedom

Pg… 40 Coming to America, As Eastern Europe embraces democracy,the U.S. could offer it a better model by Roger Rosenblatt

Pg… 50 Saving Face, Mount Rushmore's Presidents get a checkup

Pg… 54 A long way from home, Dian Fossey's successor learns about gorillas–and teaches her mother about living by Cal Fussman

Pg… 64 The cutest baby in the U.S.A our readers have spoken,the contest winner hasn't

Pg… 72 Endless Summer Surfing Senior citizens hang 10 by Claudia Glenn Dowling

Pg… 78 Lost at Sea–and on Land In his first interview,Exxon Valdez captain Joseph Hazelwood spills his own troubles by Pope Brock

Pg… 85 30 Years ago in LIFE

Pg… 90 Recaptured Glory, A movie recalls the heroism of the Civil War's forgotten black soldiers

Pg… 94 A Leaner Season for Pisa, Don't plan to climb the tilting tower this year

Pg… 96 Parting Shot

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