LIFE Magazine, February 1995

LIFE Magazine, February 1995 28 Questions About Fat / Why the last 10 pounds are so hard to lose?


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Pg… 10 The Bag Pitcher: Rebel soldiers stroked the fires of independence; An Arizona woman is kicked out of her house at 95; Mardi Gras tradition goes for a ride. LIFE Unfolds: How a suburban mom turns into Broadway spider woman

Pg… 28 Almanac: A pretty baby turns into a tough–talking babe; a rockstar (and US Congressman) is born; some invisible men are celebrated.

Pg… 36 Journey: Amidst the death and despair of the Rwandan refugee camp, an orphan and a legionnaire found each other–and now hope for a new life.

Pg… 46 LIFE Special: Just in time for Valentine's Day: Garrison Keillor celebrates the art of the embrace.

Pg… 50 Face to Face: Embraced by an audience young enough to be his grandchildren, Tony Bennett is back on top of the world to get their he had to survive drug use, a debilitating divorce and some pretty small rooms.

Pg… 58 Discovery: Do I look fat to you? Coming to grips with America's Obsession with weight: and in–depth report of the facts–and figures.

Pg… 76 The Way We Live: The medical establishment doesn't approve. The hours are long and hard. But a rural midwife has gained the trust of her community through her labors of love.

Pg… 84 On the Job: At this stage of his career, nowhere to go but down

Pg… 86 Sights Unseen: It takes just the right type to capture everything that happens in the O.J. Simpson case.

Pg… 88 An American Place: In the frigid waters off Bay Harbor, Maine, a hardy few find winter fishing cold comfort.

Pg… 91 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg… 92 Just One More. : Cover photography by Tim O' Sullivan

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