LIFE Magazine February 1998

LIFE Magazine February 1998 Sleepless in America


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Pg… 36 LIFE SPECIAL: Extreme Olympics… Prepping for the Winter Games with some of the USA's Best Hopes for Gold in Nagano, photography by Joe McNally

Pg… 48 FACE TO FACE: Chuck Close… Years after a paralyzing spinal injury nearly ended his career, a master portrait artist still has the touch – and shows us how it's done. Photography by Timothy Greenfield–Sanders.

Pg… 56 DISCOVERY: Sleepless in America… With 70 million of us losing sleep, were turning into a nation of zombies. One writers, droopy–eyed report. By Robert Sullivan, photography, by Joe McNally.

Pg… 68 JOURNEY: The Thread of Life… The care a Buddhist monastery gives the dying offers a model of compassion and grace. Photography by James Nechtwey

Pg… 78 THE WAY WE LIVE: Dream House '98… Architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen's take on modern living, complete with lofty ceilings, a wall of glass and(yes!) Lots of storage space, photography by Wayne Sorce

Pg… 25 IMAGES: The Long Arm of the Law, Orphan Reunion, Crooner Harry Connick Jr. marks time, Legends on the ice, Picassos muse, Pregnant Pauses

Pg… 12 THE BIG PICTURE: The modern Cheddar Man's well–aged relative; a new lease on life for a once–endangered species

Pg… 104 CAMERA AT WORK: photographer Jeff Rotman creeps with the fishes.

Pg… 108 JUST ONE MORE. : COVER: Computer–enhanced photograph by Joel McNally

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