LIFE Magazine February 20, 1970

LIFE Magazine February 20, 1970 Architect Turns Circus Clown


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Pg… 24 Heroin in the High School: As the Victims Get Younger, a Teen–Age Addict Tells What It’s Like to Live on Two Grams a Day. Photographed by Bill Eppridge Pg… 34 The Man from France: An Exclusive Interview with President Georges Pompidou, Who Arrives in the U.S. This Week, by Richard B. Stolley. Candid Photographs at Home and in the Palace, by Martine Franck Pg… 42 A Peer on Royalty: Lively, Lovely Lady Antonia Fraser Writes a Scholarly Best–Seller, “Mary Queen of Scots” Pg… 48 Control of Population: In a Chapter from a Forthcoming Book, Controversial Writer Robert Ardrey Argues that Nature Limits the Numbers of Nearly Every Species and Asks Why Man is an Exception Pg… 62 A College for Clowns: Some Grown–Ups Who Ran Away to the Circus Learn How to Make People Laugh, by William Zinsser. Photographed by Leonard McCombe Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: Making History on the Pedernales. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Stroboscopic Nudes by Gjon Mili Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: Robert Altman’s MASH, Reviewed by Richard Schickel Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: “The Body Has a Head,” by Gustav Eckstein, Reviewed by Hugh Kenner Pg… 12–16 Departments: Reviews: “Nobody Knows,” Jeremy Larner’s Account of McCarthy’s 1968 Campaign, Reviewed by Wilfrid Sheed Pg… 20A Departments: Letters to the Editors Pg… 22 Departments: Column: On the Last Frontier with VX and HB. By Joan Didion Pg… 69 Departments: Parting Shots

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