LIFE Magazine February 28, 1964

LIFE Magazine February 28, 1964 War on Cyprus


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Mixed Praise for L.B.J.'s Hundred Days

Pg… 9 LIFE Guide: What's Doing in Community Theater's; Big Flowers and Funny Books

Pg… 21 Alaska War Games: Realistic Battles in Cold that Can Freeze a Man in Minutes. Special Report by Carl Mydans

Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 24 Up Close on the War in Cyprus: Villagers Fight Brutal Back–Alley Battles as the Crisis Grows. Firsthand Report by Timothy Green

Pg… 32 Satellite Traffic in Space: Unique Photograph Shows Orbits of Echo I and Echo II Crossing Over New Mexico

Pg… 34 Items in the News: Wall Street Jackpot for Showman Billy Rose. A Bride for Peter Sellers. Stan Musial Heads the President's Fitness Program. Bobby Baker Answers a Senate Committee's Subpoena?but not Its Questions

Pg… 36 The Trial of Jack Ruby: British Author Sybille Bedford, Famed for Her Report on European Criminal Cases, Takes a Searching Look at the Proceedings in Dallas

Pg… 39 Man Behind the Spy Best–Seller: The Quiet Diplomat Who Wrote The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. By Jordan Bonfante

Pg… 46 How to Take Chaos Out of Closets: All Sorts of New Designs and Gimmicks Make for Stylish Storage. Americans have a Compulsion to Put Things in Containers. By Sylvia Wright

Pg… 52B Code 99!: The Emergency Call that Mobilizes a Hospital When a Life Hangs in the Balance. Photographed by Charles Harbutt

Pg… 63 Squire Scranton: Theodore H. White Writes About the Pennsylvania Governor and His Chances of Getting the Republican Presidential Nomination

Pg… 75 The Devastating Alain Delon: The French Actor Who Makes Women Light Up Like Chandeliers

Pg… 80 Stockings That Startle: Lacy New Hose with a Stylish Stretch

Pg… 86 Miscellany: Real Cool in the Pool

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