LIFE Magazine January 22, 1971

LIFE Magazine January 22, 1971 Tricia Nixon


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Pg… 18 Tricia Nixon's Romance with Ed Cox: The President's Elder Daughter is Wearing a Ring, and Her Fellow is an Authentic Nader's Raider

Pg… 24 With Sincere Regards, Howard Hughes: Letters from the Elusive Billionaire?and what His Handwriting Reveals About Him

Pg… 30 Editorial: Nixon Year III: The Year of the Presidential Hat

Pg… 34 Harvard Picks a President: After the Most Elaborate Search in University History, Dean Derek Bok of the Law School is the Choice

Pg… 38 A Lovely New Swan Alights: Natalia Makarova, Prima Ballerina of the Leningrad Kirov Ballet, Makes a Splendid Leap to the West. Photographed by Max Waldman

Pg… 46 A Lament for Some Doomed Companions: The Courts have Struck Hard Against DDT, but it may be Too Late for the Ibis and the Falcon. A Bird Lover Investigates Pesticides, by Don Moser

Pg… 54 The Trials of Two TV Beauties: A Pair of Lovely Young Stars Talk Bluntly About Their Life in Television Land. An Interview by Richard Meryman

Pg… 58 Maxi–Craze for Minibikes: Little Kids on Noisy Wheels are Whizzing Around Like Tiny Hell's Angels from Coast to Coast

Pg… 62A A Fantasy for Football Fans: Coincident with the Season's Last Crunch, PARTING SHOTS and Artist Jack Davis Look Back in Anguish

Pg… 2B Departments: Column: Another Sort of Love Story. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: David Plowden Photographs "Our Daily Architecture"

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: A Roundup of Five Movies by Richard Schickel

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: John Kenneth Galbraith Reviews W. Averell Harriman's Reflective Study of Soviet–American Relations, "America and Russia in a Changing World"

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: Flip Wilson and Others, a TV Review by John Leonard

Pg… 16A Departments: Letters to the Editors .

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